Category Archive: Protecting Assets from Nursing Homes

  • Feb. 28 2018

    Irrevocable Medicaid Asset Protection Trust: Protection from Nursing Homes

    When we meet with estate planning clients for the first time, our estate planning attorneys will discuss a number of options focused upon the clients’ situation and goals. For clients interested in Medicaid nursing home asset protection, we explore creating … Read more »

  • Nov. 30 2016

    Estate Plan Review: When Do I Need One?

    As estate planning lawyers, we are regularly asked “When do I need to do an estate plan review?” When we draft an estate plan for a client, we attempt to draft with an eye towards the future so that frequent … Read more »

  • Jun. 9 2016

    Procrastination and Estate Planning

    Estate Planning is not a topic that most of us like to think about. After all, who really wants to think about disability, incompetence or dying? Yet the reality is that an estate plan will be used and will be needed … Read more »

  • Feb. 10 2016

    Digital Assets and Estate Planning

    Attorneys and legislators in Wisconsin are currently developing a new law covering digital assets upon death. This new law aims to clarify the issues challenging estate planning attorneys and probate courts rearding digital assets. However, this developing legislation will not solve most of the items discussed … Read more »

  • Dec. 9 2015

    When to Have Your Estate Plan Reviewed

    Estate plans prove themselves most valuable when they reflect your current life situation and financial position. An out-of-date estate plan can often leave you short, owing unexpected taxes, paying higher fees and protecting yourself and your children less than you had … Read more »

  • Oct. 27 2015

    Irrevocable Trusts: Protecting Your Home

    As part of estate planning consultations with our clients, we consider Irrevocable Trusts a primary tool to protect homes, real estate and other assets from nursing homes or other long term care costs. This powerful estate planning tool is an increasingly important … Read more »

  • Jul. 27 2015

    Estate Planning is a Process

    Providing legal counsel for estate planning for more than sixty years, our estate planning attorneys have a deep understanding about what is takes to provide a truly value and client-focused estate plan. Our process is client-focused, collaborative and thorough. Estate … Read more »

  • Jan. 30 2015

    Trends in 2015: Advance Care Planning

    As lawyers with decades of experience helping Wisconsin families prepare for their futures, we keep an eye on estate planning changes and trends, particularly those affected by local, state and federal laws. For 2015, we expect to see a notable rise … Read more »

  • Dec. 16 2014

    Protect Your Home With An Irrevocable Trust

    Many of our older clients approach us with concerns about protecting their homes should they find themselves in need of long term care at a nursing home or assisted living center. As estate planning attorneys, we can implement a detailed … Read more »

  • Oct. 27 2014

    Our New Estate Planning Glossary

    At Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC, we are very pleased to announce the publication of our new Estate Planning Glossary. This new, free glossary is available to our clients and everyone else at our website. The glossary is full of terms … Read more »