Asset Protection Planning

At Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC, we can lead you through the process of protecting assets, both for yourself and the next generation.  In the event of a nursing home or assisted living stay, our lawyers can work to limit costs and expenses associated with Title 19 and Medical Assistance.

We can also help protect assets through the use of a properly drafted Marital Property Agreement, Post Nuptial Agreement or Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

Take your estate Will, Trust, and Estate Plan to the next level via Wisconsin’s ‘Spendthrift’ Laws

Through the use of a properly structured plan, we can help you take advantage of Wisconsin’s “spendthrift” laws to protect your assets from being lost to the creditors or spouses of your heirs or other beneficiaries. Through proper trust terms and provisions, we can assist your heirs and beneficiaries to preserve assets for themselves and their families, rather than losing assets in a divorce, bankruptcy, or to creditors.

In addition, Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC can provide advice on protecting your home and other assets from the nursing home, assisted living, Title 19 and Medical Assistance. Through the use of our estate planning services, including Life Estates and Irrevocable Trusts, we can help you protect assets from your creditors in the event of a long term stay at a nursing home or assisted living facility. To maximize your asset protection, it is important in Wisconsin to plan ahead.

Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC, has been providing asset protection planning expertise for our Kenosha area clients for over 50 years. Our Asset Protection Plans have been implemented and put to the test. Experience matters to Kenosha area clients attempting to protect their assets by the use of properly drafted Wills, Trusts, Life Estate, and other estate planning techniques.

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Stop Nursing Homes From Taking Your Assets

With proper advanced planning, you can protect your assets from nursing homes.