Serving clients throughout Kenosha and Racine counties for over 50 years, the skilled trust attorneys at the Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC assist families and individuals with their estate planning needs.  In a great many instances, this involves the establishment, maintenance or execution of a trust.

We know that one of the most powerful estate planning tools is the trust.  A trust preserves estate assets and provides more control over how and when assets are distributed. Furthermore, living trusts may be established while a person is still alive, or a trust may take effect upon death. A trustee designated to control trust assets on behalf of beneficiaries handles trust administration.

Many Trusts for Many Uses

Trusts offer a means to protect assets and property, care for family members, reduce estate administration expenses and death taxes, and to leave a family legacy. Our experienced lawyers can guide you through establishing a trust, regardless of whether your needs and situation require either a simple or complex trust.

The following is a non-exclusive list of some of the options we can consider when working with you on the development of your own trust:

  • Irrevocable trust ownership and control of all assets, property, or gifts in the trust is relinquished;
  • Revocable trusts allow for the termination of a trust at any time. Special needs trusts can be established to pass on essential benefits to a family member who is incapacitated;
  • Charitable trusts are designed to benefit a favorite charity or cause after death, and to secure specific tax advantages for an estate;
  • Other trusts we can handle include insurance trusts, A/B trusts, credit shelter trusts, grantor trusts, testamentary trusts and more.

Experience that Saves Time and Money

Whether you wish to avoid significant time and money in probate by transferring assets to a living trust, or you wish to address trust disputes before or after the death of a loved one, our extensive experience provides peace of mind. We can help you meet your estate planning objectives.

Contact an experienced Kenosha trust lawyer at the Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC. to discuss your estate planning needs. To schedule a free initial consultation, please contact Paul B. Wokwicz on 262-658-2181 or via

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

A properly crafted estate plan can give you peace of mind, knowing your assets and family are well protected. Our estate planning lawyers will help you get there.