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At Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC, we believe that regular communication with our clients on relevant and important topics is key to providing a more complete service for our clients. With this in mind, we are happy to share news of our firm and, perhaps even more importantly, legal and final news that are likely to effect our clients.

  • Sep. 26 2018

    Nonjudicial Settlement Agreements in Wisconsin

    Under Wisconsin law, nonjudicial settlement agreements can be used to modify trusts that otherwise would be considered irrevocable without court action. With a nonjudicial settlement agreement, an irrevocable trust which appears incapable of being updated, can sometimes be updated without having … Read more »

  • Aug. 27 2018

    Credit Shelter Trusts in Wisconsin

    In years past, many Wisconsin couples set up credit shelter trusts as part of their estate planning, to avoid or reduce Wisconsin and Federal estate taxes upon death. Due to changes in Wisconsin and Federal estate tax laws, many credit … Read more »

  • Jul. 23 2018

    Will Substitute Agreement

    A Will Substitute Agreement delivers flexibility in retaining assets outside of a trust, while avoiding probate upon death. Such an agreement offers the convenience of owning real estate in one’s own name, with the confidence that this real estate will … Read more »

  • Jun. 21 2018

    Wisconsin Marital Property Law

    Wisconsin marital property law, or more formally Wisconsin Marital Property Code, sets out who owns what in marriage. The law can automatically classify property owned by married couples living in Wisconsin as the “marital property” of both of them. It … Read more »

  • May. 31 2018

    What to Bring to Your First Estate Planning Meeting

    As a service to our clients, we are sharing guidance on what to bring to your first estate planning meeting with our firm. Based on our decades of estate planning experience, we ask our clients to spend time considering some … Read more »

  • Mar. 23 2018

    Avoiding Probate: Definitions and Key Reasons

    Many of our clients name avoiding probate as a key goal when requesting our assistance in preparing a well crafted estate plan. At Wokwicz Law Offices, we have decades of experience navigating our clients around probate. A Brief Overview of … Read more »