Protecting Rights, Achieving Justice and Securing Assets

December 23, 2013

At Wokwicz Law Offices, we have been protecting the rights and securing the assets of our clients since 1958. Focused on estate planning, we have served as trusted legal counselors for generations of families in southeast Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Through our co-counsel with Timothy M. Whiting, Wokwicz Law Offices, LLC continues to focus on our clients’ estate planning and other needs, while providing our clients top legal representation from a highly successful accident and injury trial lawyer for any and all personal injury needs.

Stop Nursing Homes From Taking Your Assets

With proper advanced planning, you can protect your assets from nursing homes.

When a client suffers serious injury or is killed by the negligence of other people, companies or organizations, they turn to us in their time of need. We understand that they will struggle with the emotional impact in the days that follow the accident. We know that they will struggle with the loss of their loved ones over time, deeply saddened that that they shall never see those family members again. We are highly sensitive to the fact that they will struggle with the practical realities of carrying on without their best friend, spouse, girlfriend, children or grandchildren.

In the days immediately following a deadly or tragic accident, our clients need their rights protected. Without a doubt, those who have caused the injury or death will want to protect themselves from liability. The victims and their families need skilled and experienced lawyers that will ensure that their rights are protected and looked after.

While the estate planning attorneys at Wokwicz Law Offices efficiently manage the transition of assets and trusts (in the event of a wrongful death or injury), our “of counsel” attorney, Timothy M. Whiting, a nationally recognized personal injury attorney, will aggressively pursue justice against those who caused the harm.

If you have been a victim of a car, truck or motorcycle accident, a construction or work place accident, or if a loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, or wrongful death, we invite you to contact us today. We will fight tirelessly to ensure that you and your loved ones have the protection and support you deserve when you need it most.

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