More than Triple the Offer in an Auto Accident Case Verdict

January 30, 2014

At Wokwicz Law Offices, we pride ourselves on the quality of our legal services and our commitment to our clients. We are delighted to report that through work with our “Of Counsel” personal injury and accident attorney, our client was awarded with a verdict of more than triple the final settlement offer. Following a hard-fought trial in Lake Co., Illinois, our “Of Counsel” attorney secured a judgment in our client’s favor after the jury verdict of $430,000. The defendant’s pre-trial offer was for a mere $130,000.

A Wisconsin Auto Accident Case

Our client, a 20-year old man, was the victim of a car crash on a rural road in Kenosha, WI. Our client was hit by the defendant, who had failed to stop at a stop sign. Although not hospitalized at the time of the crash, our client woke up the following morning day with intense lower back pain.

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Following a visit to his doctor, our client was sent to physical therapy and referred to another physician for pain management. In due course, our client was referred to a neurosurgeon who recommended surgery at the L3-4 vertebrae. Our client went for a second opinion and was informed that surgery was not required. Rather, a treatment course of pain medication and acupuncture could resolve our client’s medical issues.

In pursuing this auto accident case, our “Of Counsel” attorney demanded compensation not only for our client’s past medical bills and lost wages, but also for the cost of future surgery and the cost of career training to help him change jobs. (He was medically unfit to carry on as an ironworker.) Wokwicz Law Offices’ “Of Counsel” attorney retained a nurse professional to prove the cost of the surgery and physical therapy after surgery. The firm also hired a vocational rehabilitation specialist to testify to the cost of retraining our client for a less physically demanding career.

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