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  • Dec. 8 2017

    Divorce and Your Trust in Wisconsin

    In Wisconsin, divorce raises significant challenges for both revocable and irrevocable trusts. Failure to address issues raised by divorce proceedings will often result in unfavorable or undesirable outcomes. In the third of our series about how divorce effects estate planning … Read more »

  • Nov. 13 2017

    Divorce and Your Last Will and Testament in Wisconsin

    In Wisconsin, divorce can significantly modify your estate planning documents with unintended results. Filing for divorce and the conclusion of a divorce alters estate planning documents and beneficiary designations, in different ways, without any action by the person getting divorced. … Read more »

  • Oct. 19 2017

    Divorce and Power of Attorney in Wisconsin

    Divorce has an enormous impact upon your Wisconsin estate planning documents and Wisconsin beneficiary designations. In a series of articles, our estate planning attorneys will address the impact that a marriage or divorce may have on your estate planning documents … Read more »