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  • Jun. 21 2018

    Wisconsin Marital Property Law

    Wisconsin marital property law, or more formally Wisconsin Marital Property Code, sets out who owns what in marriage. The law can automatically classify property owned by married couples living in Wisconsin as the “marital property” of both of them. It … Read more »

  • Mar. 23 2018

    Avoiding Probate: Definitions and Key Reasons

    Many of our clients name avoiding probate as a key goal when requesting our assistance in preparing a well crafted estate plan. At Wokwicz Law Offices, we have decades of experience navigating our clients around probate. A Brief Overview of … Read more »

  • Jul. 14 2017

    Avoiding Guardianship: The Importance of Power of Attorneys

    Our estate planning attorneys consistently help our clients in avoiding guardianship. Through a Durable Power of Attorney and a Power of Attorney for Health Care, our lawyers craft estate plans that almost always avoid the need for a guardianship. To help our clients … Read more »

  • Feb. 27 2017

    Small Business Estate Planning

    Estate Planning for a Closely Held or Small Business In addition to focusing on their business strategies, small business owners and owners of closely held businesses must also address the typical estate planning concerns that our other clients face. Yet, these … Read more »

  • Nov. 30 2016

    Estate Plan Review: When Do I Need One?

    As estate planning lawyers, we are regularly asked “When do I need to do an estate plan review?” When we draft an estate plan for a client, we attempt to draft with an eye towards the future so that frequent … Read more »

  • Nov. 1 2016

    Marital Property Agreement: Funding a Revocable Trust Without Probate

    In Wisconsin,a marital property agreement enables married couples to fund a trust at death while avoiding the need for probate. Unfortunately, this entitlement applies only to married people as it is part of Wisconsin’s Marital Property Code. Nonetheless, it offers a powerful estate … Read more »

  • Jun. 28 2016

    A Last Will and Testament Does Not Avoid Probate

    A Last Will and Testament (will) is a great first step for an estate plan and is often one key part of a quality estate plan. However, a will alone does not avoid probate. Common Misconception As estate planning attorneys, one … Read more »

  • Feb. 10 2016

    Digital Assets and Estate Planning

    Attorneys and legislators in Wisconsin are currently developing a new law covering digital assets upon death. This new law aims to clarify the issues challenging estate planning attorneys and probate courts rearding digital assets. However, this developing legislation will not solve most of the items discussed … Read more »

  • Dec. 9 2015

    When to Have Your Estate Plan Reviewed

    Estate plans prove themselves most valuable when they reflect your current life situation and financial position. An out-of-date estate plan can often leave you short, owing unexpected taxes, paying higher fees and protecting yourself and your children less than you had … Read more »

  • Aug. 19 2015

    Wisconsin Probate Attorneys

    As Wisconsin probate attorneys, we spend much of our professional time helping  our clients avoid and navigate probate. Working in probate since 1958, we know the Wisconsin court system and probate process very, very well. We consider it a privilege to … Read more »