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August 19, 2015

As Wisconsin probate attorneys, we spend much of our professional time helping  our clients avoid and navigate probate. Working in probate since 1958, we know the Wisconsin court system and probate process very, very well. We consider it a privilege to serve the communities in southeast Wisconsin at a time of sadness and stress.

Wisconsin Probate Attorneys Guiding You Through a Difficult Process

At Wokwicz Law Offices, we have decades of experience helping the Personal Representative, Beneficiary and heirs protect their rights in a probate estate. Our Wisconsin probate attorneys can help you handle the probate process from the beginning to the end including opening the estate and preparing the necessary Inventory, Final Account, and Federal and State of Wisconsin tax returns. For more than five decades, we have guided families in and around Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin, navigate the confusing world of probate courts and laws.

Give Yourself Peace of Mind

A properly crafted estate plan can give you peace of mind, knowing your assets and family are well protected. Our estate planning lawyers will help you get there.

Probate Requires an Experienced and Compassionate Attorney

Probate can be complicated since it involves significantly more than just the probate court process. Having a competent, experienced and compassionate Wisconsin probate attorney during this difficult time is crucial to an efficient probate administration.

It is always difficult when a loved one passes away. At Wokwicz Law Offices, we consider it our mission as attorneys to compassionately represent surviving family and loved ones . We have dedicated ourselves to lessen some of the difficulties often associated with death and probate.

Our gentle, comprehensive approach has earned us the trust of our community. We are deeply proud to have served generations of the same families, helping transition wealth and assets from one generation to the next.

Probate Requires a Knowledgeable Attorney

Probate is an area of law which requires thorough knowledge of the Wisconsin probate court system and probate process, estate planning, property law, accounting and tax law.

Many individuals and attorneys lack the experience or knowledge to efficiently and effectively open, administer and conclude a probate in a way that best serves the needs of the client. An attorney who does not understand the relevant tax laws or property laws can result in the loss of tens of thousands of dollars or more in unnecessary taxes, costs and fees. An attorney who does not understand the special real estate laws which govern the sale of a house or other real estate during the probate process, risks placing the estate and the personal representative at risk for unnecessary liability and even personal liability.

How Our Experienced Attorneys and Staff Can Help You

Our attorneys focus their practice on estate planning and probate. Our experience brings many valuable returns to our clients. Below are just some of the advantages of using our Wisconsin probate attorneys to help navigate probate:

  • We save costs by identifying the most efficient procedures and limit the time that the probate process takes to complete.
  • We identify what assets are subject to probate and what assets can avoid the probate process.
  • We identify the best probate process to utilize and determine how much court involvement is necessary or if a procedure less than a full probate can be utilized.
  • Where a full probate administration is required, we determine if informal probate or formal probate is appropriate.
  • We know the rules and procedures unique to the Kenosha County probate process when completing forms and the use of bonds.
  • We help with time lines and tax savings and the unique tax laws that apply when someone has passed away.

Our Wisconsin probate attorneys often represent personal representatives and guide our clients through the proper opening of the estate, administering the estate, payment or objection to claims, payment of taxes and expenses, sale and inventory of property, final account, receipts and distributions, obtaining the Closing Certificate for Fiduciary from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and routine fiduciary estate tax returns.

Avoid Probate Horror Stories

The probate process often has a bad reputation and you may have heard horror stories of difficulties probating an estate with or without a Last Will and Testament.

We can help avoid the horror stories during this difficult time and reduce the stress when dealing with heirs, beneficiaries, the courts and tax authorities. Doing it right the first time is the only option when dealing with the probate process. Let us help you save time, costs, taxes and mistakes during this sometimes difficult process.

To schedule an appoint with our Wisconsin probate attorneys, please contact us on 262-658-2181 or info@wokwicz.com.

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